Pen Turning (Bob)

About 15 uears ago, with my father's help I demolished an old house on the orchard and cleared a spot for some worker housing.   As a part of that process we had to take out an older pear tree and a volunteer walnut tree, both decades old.  

As we cut them up, we decided to hang on to some of the wood for projects.   We stored it in Dad's barn on Tucker Road.   A number of years ago, Dad made my son, Rob a cribbage board, but that's about as far as it went.

I've always  been fascinated by wood turning and wanted to try my hand, so this year (2014) as my "somethng new" I purchased a small lathe to make turned objects (pens, bowls, and other round things…)   This tied in nicely with our custom to make Christmas presents, whenever possible.


Using the wood Dad and I cut in (maybe 1991?)  I've been producing pens for family and loved ones for Christmas 2014.   

You buy the metal parts, then you turn and finish the barrels and assemble them with a press. 

What follows are pictures of the finished product, along with a short video showing some of the phases of turning.